SanctiFinder Bible Book Drills...

make Scripture-searching fumble-free!

“We LOVE it!!! EXCELLENT results in no time at all!!”—Mrs. Deborah D.  CT

“Before I got SanctiFinder, my daughter couldn’t remember anything...After taking only two levels, she could recite and spell every book through Daniel.”
—Mrs. Ellen N.  AZ

“Great! Children and parents love it!”
—Mrs. Leslie H.  TN

SanctiFinder Features
Graphics on each page add to the fun!
Time goals add challenge, build speed!
Clever QuicKeys® make grading a breeze!
Bible verses relate to each drill’s topic!
Pages of the drill masters can be copied in a rainbow of colors!
Achievement Record chronicles student progress!

Help your kids learn the order and spelling of the books of the Bible!

How many times have your children searched endlessly through the Bible looking for Joel, Zephaniah, or Colossians? Even we adults find ourselves checking the Table of Contents of our Bible to find a particular book—or maybe not looking up a verse at all! And what about if we have to write down a Bible reference for someone and can’t spell the name of the book...

How it works... 

SanctiFinder® comes to the rescue by making Bible lookups quick and easy, without using the Table of Contents or reciting from Genesis just to find the correct book! Spend just a few minutes a day with SanctiFinder, and in nine short weeks your children can have instant access to every Bible book in its proper place, and master its spelling, too!

The SanctiFinder drills use neat mazes and other activities to teach the order and spelling of all 66 Bible books. It hardly seems like learning, but, rest assured, it’s thorough and effective! Sancti­Finder comes with full instructions, nifty QuicKey® grad­ing keys, and Achievement Record. Quality colored paper, illustrations, and Bible verses on each page are added bonuses. You may copy the pages for your children.

“Totally painless. And the kids enjoyed it—they thought it was fun!”—Mrs. Birgit P.  KS

About SanctiFinder...

Bible Book Drills
- Grade 2 thru adult -
See the drill levels in SanctiFinder:
Actual pages are 8½ x 11 inches.

The SanctiFinder includes 8 drill Levels. Your child repeats a given Level each day until he can complete it correctly within the suggested time limit. Note that there are two time limits for each drill—one for older students and one for younger students. Your child repeats a given Level each day until he can complete it correctly within the suggest­ed time limit. Then he advances to the next Level.

Each SanctiFinder also includes a helpful Instructor’s Guide and an Achieve­ment Record. Plus, you get a complete set of QuicKey® grading keys to make scoring a breeze! SanctiFinder is great as a 9-week unit for school or church group, for anyone aged 7 or over who wants to find Bible passages quickly!

Order the SanctiFinder Home Edition in PDF on sale for only $9.95 (regularly $11) or the pre-printed SanctiFinder sprial-bound workbook (8 drills and 10 copies of each drill) for only $15.95!

The Classroom Edition of the SanctiFinder is also available on our order page, which includes the rights to copy the drills in a multi-family classroom setting, such as Sunday School, VBS, or Christian school classrooms!
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